Coffee Of The Month Club Gets To The Top

When you type in “coffee of” or “coffee of the month” or “coffee of the month  club” at Google it will display a default choice to select “coffee of the month club Australia” and the Coffee Of The Month Club is listed at the top.

“Specialty coffee beans and coffee in general is a passion of mine in business and life so to get some recognition from Google is a bit of a buzz, not punn intended,” said Robert with a smile (founder of the Coffee Of The Month Club).

Here’s a screenshot from a google search for “Coffee of the month club Australia” listing the Coffee of the month club at the top of about 35,100,000 results.

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The Wine Of The Month Club Moves Up to the Number 4 Spot at Google

Wine of the month clubs originally started in the United States as a new type of corporate gift to reward clients, staff and associates. It quickly became a popular corporate gift and evolved in to consumer markets as a new way of giving where members receive a different “gift of the month” within the club’s genre each month for the duration of their membership.

“We’re the founder of the first Wine of the month club in Australia using the United States model, and considering Google didn’t even rank us in the top ten until recently it’s wonderful to be recognised,” said Alison from Gift Of The Month Clubs.

Google has elevated the Wine Of The Month Club to number 4 in the organic search results for the term “wine of the month” after spending months on the second and third results pages. “It’s a wonderful gift so to speak from Google and we’ll try to reach number one.”

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Flower Of The Month Club in The Top 5 at Google

Google Australia has not only pushed the Flower Of The Month Club ranking up in to the top 10 for the industry search Flower of the month club; they’ve pushed Australia’s first flower of the month club in to the top 5 results.

“There’s a lot of online flower delivery services in Australia competing for search terms such as flowers delivered, Melbourne flower delivery, Sydney flowers and other popular flower searches, so for the Flower Of The Month Club to get ranked by google at the top of the results for a Flower search is a great reward and recognition for everyone involved”, said Robert (founder of Gift Of The Month Clubs).

So if you’re looking for flowers delivered to your home or office every month, whether it’s in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra or Hobart, try the Flower Of The Month Club.

The Top Ten Gifts Given in Australia – People’s Choice Awards

A gift was given sometime during the last century to build an “intermediate hospital” to care for low income patients in the inner Melbourne Suburb of Richmond, which established the Epworth Hospital, and was voted the most popular gift at the people’s choice awards.

Epworth hospital

Epworth hospital

People were asked across social media, news networks and more to submit their votes online nominating their favourite gift from a list of the best 50 gifts ever given in Australia.

The most popular gift was the original donation to start the Epworth Hospital.

The second most popular people’s choice gift was from”Dr Willian Wyatt from the Wyatt Trust” an English surgeon who was decided to help after seeing many of the early South Australian settlers living in poverty. The Wyatt Trust over the years has given grants to tens of thousands of people in need for over a century now ranging from a few pounds to two million dollars.

Number three in the people’s choice awards was the establishment of the Human Rights Law Centre in 2006 which became the first legal centre established for human rights law in Australia. It was first funded by the R E Ross Trust for the amount of $15,000, the Victoria Law Foundation contributed $80,000, plus donations from the National Australia Bank, Mallesons Stephen Jaques, the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and Allens Arthur Robinson.

The awards bought together representatives from the Myer Family Company, The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund, Swinburne University and Pro Bono Australia to preside over the awards. Peter Winneke from the Myer Family Company said, “The Top 50 gifts celebrate Australia’s most significant philanthropic achievements from the 1800s until today. Each gift has been responsible for shaping Australian society, culture and public policy in areas including the arts, environment, health, housing, science and education.”

Gifts over the years have come from a broad range of people, companies and organisations including Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC DBE, the Vincent Fairfax Foundation, the Ian Potter Foundation, Sidney Myer, Political leader Dr Bob Brown of the Greens party, as well as gifts from lesser known people like the three friends who gave $150 to start the Tasmanian Land Conservancy.

“By sharing and celebrating these unique gifts and achievements, we hope to inspire all Australians to give,” Winneke said.

The long term benefits of the top 50 gifts isn’t always about the amount of money given, and is often about the initiative of caring enough to start something and get the ball rolling for others and generations of the future to join and grow in to something that will effect peoples lives.

Amongst the various gifts given over the years are the Walkley Awards, the Heart Foundation, the Parkes Telescope, the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, St Vincents Institute of Medical Research, the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS), and the founding gift that started the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.

Pro Bono Australia Founder Karen Mahlab said, “You dont have to be a Myer or a Murdoch to give. Anyone can do it as the legacies of these pioneering givers have shown. You just need passion for a cause and a dose of risk-taking to start something worthwhile and innovative.”

The Top 10 Gifts Voted by the Australian People Choice Awards are:

Establishment of the Epworth Hospital

The Wyatt Trust

Establishment of the Human Rights Law Centre

Establishment of the Royal Botanic Gardens Australian Gardern, Cranbourne

Bush Heritage Australia

No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)

Miles Franklin Literary Award

Establishment of Burnside Homes

Establishment and Launch of The Heart Foundation of Australia

Multi-channel Cochlear Implant – Electrical Stimulation of the Hearing Nerve

“I am truly inspired by these people where even a random act of kindness can contribute to someone’s life and compound over time – and shows a wonderful meaningful way to live and legacy to leave we can all aspire to”.  Robert, founder of Gift Of The Month Clubs.

Who would you add to this list? Post in the below comments



A Google Search for “Cider Club” Rates Cider Of The Month Club At The Top

When you do a google search for cider club you’ll find the Cider Of The Month Club ranked at the top of the results.

Here is a cider club Google Search from google rating the Cider of the month club in the first position of the non paid results.

Craft cider

Craft cider

What is a cider club or cider of the month club? Well it’s a club where you can buy someone a monthly subscription to receive a different pack of craft cider every month from boutique cider makers across Australia and the world.

“Our cider club is the only club in Australia offering a true Cider Of The Month Club in the way it was originally created for in America. And now we’ve introduced it to Australia and can proudly say Google is rating us number one,” said Alison from the Cider of the month club.

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Iced Wine Market Warming Up in Australia

Iced wine or ice wine was first launched in Australia in 1995 in the form of an Iced Riesling and was produced by Andrew Hood in Tasmania under the Wellington brand of wines.

It was marketed as a desert wine and quickly developed a small but loyal following and when the boutique winery was acquired by Frogmore Creek they starting producing a new version of Iced Riesling under a new label around 2004.

Ice wine grapes

Ice wine grapes

Following this, the Coal River Valley winery added an Iced Gewurztraminer in 2010 and 2011 to their dessert wine list. But the problem for iced wine in Australia is the climate isn’t cold enough to freeze the grapes on the vine, so Frogmore Creek started using a freezing technique known as cryo-extraction that relies on using grapes with a higher sugar content that are ripe and ready for wine making. This is because ripe grapes will have a higher sugar content than non ripe grapes. Plus ripe grapes will freeze a lot quicker and the juice will have a higher concentration of sweetness and flavour ready for production.

As with all new industries, products and wine varieties and styles there needs to be a pioneer and after proof of concept other wineries will follow. Redbox Wines from the Yarra Valley in Victoria Australia is one of these wineries and have produced an Ice Cabernet and Ice Riesling using a free reduction technique made for the process. And over on the west coast of Australia a winery in the Margaret River called Fraser Gallop Estate will soon release their first iced wine in the form of an Iced Pressed Chardonnay.

Iced wine is still in its early stages in Australia and wineries are testing the size of the market. So the story of ice wine in Australia is still in it’s early stages and if you haven’t tasted iced wine before it has an intense flavour you’ll be glad you added to your dessert wine list.

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St Patrick’s Day in Australia

The annual St Patricks’s Day celebration in Australia takes place on March 17 every year and is a tribute to Ireland and St Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints.

St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day

Irish culture is traditionally celebrated by thousands of Australians on St Patrick’s Day by Irish expatriates remembering and honouring their Irish heritage. Businesses and organisations hold St Patrick’s Day breakfast lunch events and traditional Irish pubs continue the celebration throughout the day and night playing Irish music and drinking Guinness beer.

Sydney and Brisbane hold St Patrick’s Day parades with people dressing up in traditional Irish costumes and wearing green, with parade floats and more flying the Irish flag along with leprechauns dancing in the streets. And if you want to learn more about Ireland and St Patrick’s Day there are a number of Irish historical societies and associations running educational events.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all of our friends from Ireland.


Beer Of The Month Club

Beer Of The Month Club is Ranked Number One in Australia

The Beer Of The Month Club is ranked number one at Google for the search “Beer of the month club Australia”.

“It seems like a long tail keyword search, but as soon as you type “Beer of” in the Google search bar it automatically displays “Beer of the month club Australia” as the first selection without having to type it all in. So if someone in Australia has heard about the Beer of the month club or wants to find it, chances are the majority of people would click on the default selection and Google is ranking our Beer Of The Month Club ranked number one”, said Robert (Founder of Gift Of The Month Clubs).

Craft beer is taking off in Australia achieving higher sales growth than traditional mass produced beer like XXXX, VB and Carlton Draught. “Craft beer is a whole new experience and once you got craft you never go back!”

The Beer Of The Month Club takes pride in providing members with hard to find specialty craft beer. “We love searching for the next beer of the month at micro breweries around Australia and the world, and provid our members with a unique beer discovery experience every month from Ales to Pilsners, Dark Porter beer and more. It’s a lot of fun and something to look forward to.”

So if you’re a beer lover or looking for a gift, check out the Beer Of The Month Club for the gift that keeps on giving.

Win a Six Pack of Craft Beer Competition!

Gift Of The Month Clubs is running a Beer Competition for the March 2014 Beer Of The Month Club!

Craft beer tasting

Craft beer tasting

All you have to do is recommend a beer for the March Beer Of The Month Club at Linkedin here and on the official post and be one of the first five to post (or be one of 3 people to post the winning beer selection) to win a free six pack delivered to your home or office!

Terms and conditions include:

1. Be one of the first 5 people to suggest a beer on our Linkedin page (on the official post, posted by Robert) for the March “Beer Of The Month Club” to automatically WIN a six pack delivered to your home or office.

2. Be one of the first 3 people to nominate the March Beer Of The Month Club selection. And if a beer is not selected at our discretion (for example, if everyone nominated VB or XXXX (non craft beers), we would pick 3 additional winners regardless of their beer nomination on top of the first 5 to post.

3. Delivery address must be an Australia post delivery address within Australia only.

4. All entries must suggest a beer and be posted on the Linkedin page official post (posted by Robert, and please add Robert’s Linkedin page to your network to find the post).

5. Maximum 1 winning entry per person.

6. Winners will be announced March 25 on the Gift Of The Month Clubs blog. Winners will need to send their delivery name and address to “support at gift of the month clubs dot com dot au”.

7. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

Cheers and may the best beer win!

Coffee Price Set to Go Up

Cafes across Australia are getting ready to increase the average price of coffee by up to 60c a cup, as a direct result of the drought on the other side of the world limiting coffee bean supply across the world.

Coffee Of The Month Club

Coffee Of The Month Club

For example, Arabica coffee bean prices have increased by over 70% since the start of 2014, and now Australian coffee roasters are wondering if they can continue with the same price they were charging for coffee before the increase, with coffee reaching a new two year high last week above $2 usd a pound.

Analysts are cutting crop forecasts with Brazil “the largest coffee producer nation” experiencing drier than normal weather causing the price of coffee to rise.

Di Bella coffee is one of Australia’s biggest gourmet specialty coffee bean companies “supplying over 1200 cafes” said his business was immune from the coffee price rally because he had already negotiated their coffee price directly with farmers at the start of the year, but did expect a small rise per cup of perhaps 10 cents with some cafes choosing to ignore it or change to cheaper coffee beans.

”The biggest problem for people here is they can’t guarantee the quality of coffee they’ll be drinking because of the brokers [who] will be affected straight away,” Di Bella said. ”But there are other brands out there that won’t drop the quality of their coffee. They’ll keep it at a high standard. They’ll pay more for it and absorb it or pass it on.”

Ross Quail from Sensory Lab coffee roasters, who runs a wholesale specialty coffee roasting business in Melbourne and Sydney said he would never think about changing the quality of his coffee but wondered how long he would be able to continue charging cafes and restaurants the same price as last year in the current market. ”We will absorb as much as we can but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that in the wholesale cafe market a price increase is inevitable,” he said.

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