International Coffee Day

The International Coffee Day is also known as National Coffee Day or Coffee Day. It’s an international event celebrated every year in a select number of countries, including Australia for celebrating specialty coffee and to promote fair trade coffee across the world. This in turn helps to increase working conditions for coffee farmers in poorer countries.

International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day

The origins of International Coffee Day are not exactly known but wikipedia records say it was celebrated by The All Japan Coffee Association in 1983. And the name “Internation Coffee Day” comes from the United States where American coffee lovers celebrate their National Coffee Day.

National Coffee Days are also celebrated by Australia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and more. Here’s a list of countries celebrating National Coffee Days.

So from the Coffee Of The Month Club, we wish you a happy International Coffee Day and don’t forget to support Fairtrade coffee whenever you can.

3 Ravens English Extra Special Bitter

This month we revisited Nathan down at the 3 Ravens micro brewery in Northcote, Victoria to investigate all of the brew ha around their 3 Ravens Extra Special Bitter.

But first; 3 Ravens beers are the result of a craft brewing process heavily focused on traditional methods with exacting standards and taking the greatest care in producing quality over quantity; which is by any measure at the heart of any good craft micro brewery.

Nathan from 3 Ravens micro brewery

Nathan from 3 Ravens micro brewery

3 Ravens English Extra Special Bitter is described by 3 Ravens as a classic pale ale in the finest Brittish tradition, with it’s fuggle and golding hops offering an earthy,  spciy aroma and bitterness with floor-malted Maris Otter barley and traditional crystal malts underpinning a very companionable experience. And produced with traditional bottle conditioning that naturally carbonates this wonderful craft beer adding to the complexity of the experience.

But it’s not just the 3 Ravens team honking their own horn, because in 2014 they won the coveted title of Champion Small Brewery at the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) with their English Extra Special Bitter beer winning the Best Brittish style in show award. And it’s a pretty big deal  considering the Australian International Beer Awards received a record 1560 entries from more than 294 micro breweries from 31 different countries.

So what do you think about this months beer of the month club selection? Please let us know in the comments below or on one of your favourite social networks.






Think outside the square

Here’s an amazing example of a farmer thinking outside the square after being denied a council permit to build a horse shelter. So what did the farmer do? He built a huge set of table and chairs instead. And you dont need a permit for that.

Think outside the square

Think outside the square

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Oktoberfest is the largest funfair held annually in Germany and around the world over a 16 day festival. It starts late in September and runs in to October with over 6 million people attending the event in Munich Germany from around the world.

Oktoberfest is a an important event in Bavarian culture and started way back in the year 1810, with numerous cities around the world celebrating including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and across Australia.

Enormous amounts of beer are consumed during Oktoberfest with a record 7 million litres of beer drank in 2007 during the 16 day festival. But it’s not just about beer because there’s amusement rides, games and local attractions available during the event and a wide variety of traditional food including roast chicken, roast pork, grilled fish on a stick and famous German sausages.

In Australia the Oktoberfest party will kick off in September (Saturday 20) with a German tradition called Keg Tapping that officially launches millions of Germans and people across the world in to the start of Oktoberfest.

So from everyone at Beer Of The Month Club have a great time at Oktoberfest! And don’t forget to catch a cab. Cheers,


Craft Beer Gaining Popularity in Australia

Australian beer drinkers have generally stuck to a few favourite beers including Victoria Bitter (VB), XXXX Gold and Tooheys, but things are starting to change if judging by the craft beer on tap at trendy establishments. “Choose a Pale Ale, ESB (Extra Special Bitter), Stout, Lager and more and you cant go wrong if it comes from a good micro brewery”, said Pete from Gift Of The Month Clubs.

Craft Beer

Craft Beer

The Australian micro brewing industry really started after seeing it gain popularity in the United States, where small micro brewing families started brewing small batches of craft beer rich in flavour. “Craft beer challenges the old perception that beer must be bland and watery as opposed to rich in flavour and with no preservatives”, said one of our Beer Of The Month Club member who wishes to remain anonymous, “Because most commercial beer tastes  bland and watery, and I know this after tasting a wide selection now of craft beer and as the saying goes,”once you go craft, you dont go back!”

Beer is a drink many take for granted in terms of brewing excellence, but it’s actually one of the oldest and most complex drinks to make. And so with this in mind we think no beer lover should have to stick with what the mass producing beer giants are telling you to drink, especially if it’s watery and bland! So as we enter Spring and Summer we’ve got a few tips for beer lovers to enjoy one of the oldest drinks in the world, beer.

But first, what type of beer do you like?
How about a rich resinous beer, chocolate or smoky beer, citrus to sour beer and more. And if you choose right you’ll nearly always be delighted if made by a good micro brewery. But it doesn’t always have to be made in a small micro brewery, because we’re also fans of the White Rabbit Dark Ale from Healesville, Victoria who was up until recently a small micro brewery bought out by Lion, one of Australia’s largest food and beverage companies owned by Kirin, a huge multi national brewing company in Japan.

Craft beer consumption in Australia is growing in popularity but still only accounts for about 2 or 3 percent of the total beer consumed in Australia. And one of the major reasons behind this is because genunuine craft beer brewed in micro breweries is pretty hard to find. “This is why we travel around searching for hard to find craft beers for the Beer Of The Month Club”, said Rob from Gift Of The Month Clubs. Plus the majority of pubs, clubs and licensed establishments are stocked with four or five beers from major brewing companies because they get major discounts for stocking the majority of their beers with said company. And it seems to be a formula working well for the major beer companies with the majority of beer consumed (up to 95 percent) owned by two major brewing giants, SAB Miller (CUB) and Kirin Holdins (Lion Nathan). But a growing number of establishments are valuing the craft beer flavour over commercial beer and are now stocking a range of craft beer at the expense of incentive based discounts offered by the majors.

So whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and other cities around Australia and want to see more craft beer in your local stores, drink normal! Drink craft beer.


History of Giving Gifts

Throughout the dawn of time people have given gifts to one another. And gift giving has been universally accepted as a way to show love, appreciation, respect and more and has the unique power of being able to say more than just words alone.

Gifts have often been seen as reciprocal, like for example Christmas gifts, but when it’s a Birthday gift it’s not reciprocal. However, all gift givers receive from giving gifts as talked about in the Law of Giving and Receiving.

However in earlier civilizations members of tribes would give their leaders gifts, without the tradition of giving back, but would see gifts as a way to strengthen relationships for potential favour. And the tradition continues as commonly seen between country and business leaders for the purpose of creating good will between parties with shared interests.

“A gift will create happiness between a gift giver and gift recipient, regardless of who is giving and who is receiving”, says Samantha from Gift Of The Month Clubs.

In Christianity the Bible talks about the Three Wise Men who followed a bright star from the East to Bethlehem where Jesus Christ was born. And the Three Wise Men are said to have bought gifts for baby Jesus with the tradition continuing today at Christenings to bless babies for life ahead. Mary Magdalene was also recorded as washing baby Jesus feet with precious oil as a gift. And this was the start of Christmas gifts and Christening gifts as we know today.

However the Christian roots of gift giving are not exclusive to Christianity with early records showing the act of gift giving tracing back to non-Christian religious observances in the Yule of Northern Europe and pagan holidays recorded in Rome, where the ancient Romans were practising gift giving during the festival of Saturn where slaves and masters would mockingly exchange places with one another and at the end of the celebration exchange gifts in the form of pottery figures. And many believe this was the start of gifts being adapated in to Christian celebrations. However it is said the Catholic Church around the year 1000 decided to ban gift giving claiming the idea was too pagan.

In Australia we celebrate all types of occasions with gifts including someone’s birthday, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Weddings, Easter, Christmas, corporate gifts and more. And there’s no better feeling than giving someone a gift, let alone receiving one.

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The History Of The Wine Of The Month Club

The very first Gift of the month club was a Wine of the month club in the United States. And was developed as a mail order club for wine after an American Pharmacist acquired a drug store and liquor store in a combined deal.

During this time around the year 1973 the proprietor Paul Kalemkiarian, Sr had started selecting a wine of the month that included a range of red wine and white wine varieties from around the world. And to select the wines Kalemkiarian, Sr was holding monthly wine tastings at the back of his shop where customers would choose their favourite wine which would then become the wine of the month. Note: The Wine Of The Month Club was also developed for corporate gifts.

Kalemkiarian, Sr’s son, Paul Kalemkiarian, Jr started working in the wine shop around the same period and was learning the trade by stocking shelves.

The monthly wine tasting customers started making requests for the wine of the month to be delivered, and when Kalemkiarian, Jr passed his driving test he began delivering the Wine of the month club packages to local members. Both father and son continued to deliver Wine of the month club orders, and when the number of orders increased decided to send their monthly wine orders through United Parcel Services (UPS), and the Wine of the month club was born.

In 1979 they sold their liquor store (around six years later) but decided to keep the mail order rights to the Wine of the month club and continued operations as a free standing business. And after another 10 years or so had passed (around 1989) Kalemkiarian, Sr. offered to sell his son Paul Kalemkiarian, Jr the Wine of the month club business. And after a 6 month trial period Kalemkiarian, Jr took over the business from his father.

Wind forward to 2013 (around 40 years after the first Wine of the month club in America had started) and an Australian internet entrepreneur Robert McIntosh launched the first official mail order gift club in Australia called Gift Of The Month Clubs – with 14 different monthly clubs to choose from including the..

Beer Of The Month Club
Flower Of The Month Club
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Cider Of The Month Club
Wine Of The Month Club
Champagne Of The Month Club
Coffee Of The Month Club
and more..

Wine Of The Month Club

First Gift Of The Month Clubs delivery for the Wine Of The Month Club


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Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Beer Of The Month Club
Does Dad enjoy a beer? Well if he’s never had a brew crafted by a micro brewery then he’s in for a treat. Why? Because once you go craft you don’t go back. But how does it work? Well members receive a different pack of craft beer every month for 3, 6 or 12 months, fresh from the brewery.
Cost: $34.95 per month + postage and handling making the average cost around $7.50 per beer delivered to your home or office. But remember it’s a premium service and product compared to buying a commercial slab of VB or XXXX from the grocery store because all beers are sourced from craft microbreweries and delivered fresh – and if you bought a quality beer like this at an establishment in Sydney or Melbourne it would cost around $10 per beer. So if Dad enjoys a beer and would like a treat involving one of his favorite past times he will absolutely love the beers selected for the Beer Of The Month Club. Cheers,

Paper World
When was Dad born? Well according to the Paper World website they offer a wide range of original major daily newspapers, magazines and other date related memorabilia from Australia and New Zealand dating back over 100 years. Cost starts around $119 plus postage & handling.

Panther Vision 4 LED Black Power Beanie
Would Dad like a torch with a difference? Well the POWERCAP® by Panther Vision® features patented, ultra bright LED technology to provide you with the perfect hands free flashlight. And according to the website its stylish and comfortable to wear, great for walking, grilling, fishing, camping, home improvement projects, power outages or any other tasks where you require a head lamp.
Available in black, navy, camouflage and safety orange.
Cost $24.98 plus postage & handling

Penfolds Selected for The Wine Of The Month Club

Penfolds is a famous Australian wine producer that was founded in Adelaide in 1844 by Christopher Rawson Penfold, who had migrated to Australia from England with his wife Mary Penfold.

Penfolds wine

Penfolds wine

Many of Australia’s wines have become known internationally, but with only a relatively short 200 year history are quite new compared with world wine making history dating back 7000 years across Europe, China and the Middle East. However there is no clear birthplace for winemaking recorded and is as much legend as fact in the ancient world.

In Australia, Penfolds is famous in Australia and across the world for their Grange wine along with a small selection of Penfolds wines ranging from a Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz Cabernet red wine varieties to a Chardonnay white wine.

The Penfolds winery started just eight years after the foundation of South Australia and has played a prominent role in Australian winemaking. And is another great Australian success story.

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