Easter in Australia

Australia has a wide mixture of cultures meaning there are a number of ways in which Easter is celebrated. However, some Easter traditions and activities remain common across Australia.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

What do Australians do to celebrate Easter?

Unlike Europe and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere where Easter occurs during spring, Easter in Australia is in autumn, a particularly beautiful time of the year.

Easter dates fall between March/April and in 2015 will traditonally start on Good Friday and continues through to Monday.

Australians look forward to Easter because it is the longest 4 day holiday weekend throughout the year and many go away to popular holiday spots.

However Australia has vast cultural diversities which means Easter holds different significance to different people. For example, it represents a welcome holiday for many, while others host family and friends for parties and enjoy a range of outdoor activities over the long weekend.

A lot of Australians who observe Easter from a religious point of view will attend church services and a lot of people will enjoy hot cross buns at breakfast time.

Easter Sunday tends to be the most celebrated day with families gathering for barbeques and picnic lunches followed by an age old Easter tradition of hunting for Easter eggs for the kids.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show and National Folk Festival events are held over the Easter weekend as well as the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race and Australian Three Peaks Race in Tasmania amongst many others. 

Origins of Easter

Easter is one of the oldest Christian festivities with some pagan practices included. And is a time when decorated eggs and bunnies were pagan symbols of land and general fertility with lots of baby  rabbits, chickens and calves being born around Easter.

Easter Symbols

The cross where Christ was crucified remains an important Easter symbol and is placed on traditional hot cross buns. Other symbols associated with Easter include lamb for diner, decorated chocolate eggs, the Easter bunny and more.


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Melbourne Flower and International Garden Show

Are your fingers green or have you developed that sudden urge to make your garden look beautiful? Or maybe you are not a gardener but naturally love the smell of fresh flowers. Whatever the case maybe, a visit to Melbourne Flower and International Garden show will fulfill your inner gardener.

Melbourne Flower Show

Melbourne Flower Show


Not Just Flowers at the Melbourne Flower and International Garden Show

The Melbourne Flower and International Show is the most famous garden show in the entire Southern Hemisphere.  And it has been treating visitors to huge displays of horticulture news and products since it first began in 1995.  It is now 20 years since it started and is expected to attract over 100,000 visitors to the grounds of the World Heritage Site Venue – The Royal Exhibition building and the surrounding Carlton Gardens in the garden state of Victoria.

What exactly do visitors see at the show?

For five days starting 25th April -29th April 2015, flower and garden fans will experience a once in a year opportunity to see, smell and touch a wide display of flowers and gardens.  Visitors will be able to learn new gardening techniques, see the latest innovative trends in gardening and gain inspiration for their own.

Awards and other features at the Event Include:

The Melbourne Flower and International Garden Show  is sponsored by major Australian media houses and will cover:

  • Free floral design workshops where visitors will be treated to a glimpse of the most amazing flower arrangements. A is a place where most visitors will want to spend time looking at a rare mix of flowers, vegetables, household plants and more.  Each exhibit is labeled carefully and sold with instructions from the horticulturalist that created them.
  • The Great Hall of Flowers is another popular attraction where the theme changes every year where new flowers and plants are introduced to the public. And is a time when visitors will get to see and buy fresh flowers direct from the growers. They can also listen to talks by flower and gardening experts and take part in question time. Other events include the
  • Boutique Gardens Competition
  • The Childrens Garden
  • Floral Designs Workshops
  • Show Gardens
  • Entertainment

The Melbourne Flower Show is a major event in Australia and companies are using it for all types of events.

Visiting the Melbourne Flower and International Garden Show 

Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate and can be used on any day. The official website has information regarding the prices and can be purchased online.

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Melbourne International Coffee Expo

The Melbourne International Coffee Expo was a huge success in 2014 and is back again in 2015 at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

So before we head in we’ve decided to stop off for some breakfast at the Pantry restaurant in Brighton, Melbourne.

Breakfast at the Pantry

Breakfast at the Pantry

Yes the picture above is upside down. But the good news is it didn’t get served like this and can say it was on point. Well done Pantry chefs again.

So now we’re deciding if we’re going to go to the Coffee show by car, train, tram or taxi. While enjoying a bite to eat and coffee of course.

Days and Dates: The Melbourne International Coffee Expo is open March 13, 14 & 15 from 10 am to 5.30 pm. But Sunday closes a little earlier at 4pm.

Have fun coffee lovers!

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