International Coffee Day 2015

International Coffee Day has arrived and is celebrated around Australia and the world on October 1, 2015.

International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day was started by the ICO (International Coffee Organisation) to bring coffee producing and consuming countries together to celebrate and bring awareness to coffee nations around the world, market conditions and policies.

80% of the worlds coffee is produced by millions of small scale farmers, and Fairtrade Australia are using International Coffee Day to bring attention to the economic benefits our daily coffee has in some of the lowest ranking countries on the Human Development Index. This includes countries such as Ethiopia, Rwanda, Haiti and more.

“Coffee is a huge global business and one of the most valuable primary products in world trade. But unfortunately for many of the world’s 25 million coffee farmers it is a labor intensive crop that often returns very little in financial return,” Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand CEO Molly Harriss Olson said.

Fairtrade is an organisation that protects product standards by focusing on three major areas of sustainable development. 1. Social development, 2. Economic development and 3. Environmental development. All standards were created to act as a safety net against unpredictable markets and financial security for coffee producers to ensure they receive a fair price that covers average costs of sustainable coffee production.

In 2013 Fairtrade coffee farmer organisations received over $63.6 million in Fairtrade Premium. With 50% of the money being invested back into coffee producing organisations for the purpose of improving infrastructure, facilities and coffee making processes.

“Consumers of Fairtrade coffee beans know their coffee purchase is supporting farming communities in some of the poorest coffee making countries in the world for the purpose of raising standards of living and creating a sustainable  coffee future for producers and consumers,” a Fairtrade representative said.


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Craft Beer Brewery Mountain Goat Acquired by Asahi

Latest News: Asahi has acquired its second Australian craft beer brewery called Mountain Goat.

Mountain Goat Craft Beer

Mountain Goat Craft Beer

In 2013 the beer giant Asahi started it’s Australian craft beer expansion when it bought the Cricketers Arms craft brewery in Laverton, West of Melbourne and has clearly marked its intentions to compete in the growing Australian craft beer market.

Cam and David started Mountain Goat after brewing a few home brews in David’s backyard in the early 1990s.

The founders will be “sticking around” at Mountain Goat Brewery, and said they had formed a good relationship with the beer giant Asahi over the last few years.

“We’ve been contract partners with Asahi for a little over three years which has seen our beer sales grow exponentially in the boutique, craft beer market. And so we are confident Asahi will helps us sell more of our Mountain Goat craft beer to Australian beer drinkers than we could on our own.”.”

Unfortunately the full terms of the sale were not disclosed however we understand the brewery will continue to run as per normal.

“Mountain Goat has an unique reputation and strong sales record so we want to keep the Mountain Goat business running as per normal.”

The Mountain Goat Brewery employs over 25 full-time staff and another 20 or so casual staff. And usually brews its low volume beers at their Richmond micro brewery and brews its bigger batches of beer at their larger brewery in Laverton. Bottle sizes are 330ml and cans are typically 375 ml.

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Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day is here! This Sunday September 6

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