Have you ever wondered how you could turn your passion in to a career?

Ballarat Micro Brewing Course

Ballarat Micro Brewing Course

Well the Federation University of Australia in Ballarat has designed a course for students with a passion for beer. And for some reason we don’t think they’re going to struggle finding new applicants, do you?

The micro brewing of craft beer goes way back from brewing lager, porter, ale, pilsner and more and continues to be refined. And students can now bring their passion also known as weekend activities in to the classroom and make a career from it.

A Graduate Certificate Diploma of Brewing is on offer and focuses on students developing a sound knowledge of the core concepts required in the malting and brewing industries. Plus there’s a short course in the art of brewing craft and boutique beers covering the basic science behind the art.

And if the craft beer receives a pass it gets sold at local Ballarat bars, providing there’s still some beer left after students have thoroughly tested the end product for quality control purposes.

So keep a look out Carlton Cold, XXXX and VB drinkers for the latest craft beer on offer at local Ballarat pubs.

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