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Have you ever had a day when you thought, “what a lovely day” it is today? Well that’s what Nux from the blockbuster movie Mad Max Fury Road said in the middle of what most people would think was one of the worst days of their lives.

Mad Max Fury Road "What a lovely day"

Mad Max Fury Road “What a lovely day”

But to put things in to perspective, Nux as this Warboy character was called had previously said before this, ”I’m going to die historic on the Fury Road” while he was in the middle of getting a blood transplant to keep him alive in the disease ridden world they lived in. So I guess this explains a lot. But wait, there’s more..

Warboys were mechanics who dreamt of becoming road warriors and receiving the glory of dying in battle in order to go some sort of heaven as one of the Heros of All Time; not unlike the way Vikings believed in the glory of Valhalla. And when Nux later seens vehicles being swept up in to the clouds in the middle of a tornado he excitedly says, “What a lovely day” – and later in the film says, “I live, I die, I live again” while believing his destiny is to die a warriors death and become a hero. So you’re probably getting a good idea about Nux and the Mad Max movie if you didn’t know anything about it before. But don’t worry, this doesn’t spoil anything if you haven’t seen it and will only enhance your understanding of the movie.

So without giving away too much, it’s a pretty, well.. almost non stop action packed movie some will either love or be left a bit exhausted at the end of it. But the good news for Nux and the rest of the Mad Max Fury Road characters is if they don’t make it to a warrior heaven, they can at least say they made it to Hollywood.

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