Myer Closing Down

Myer is closing one of their flagship stores at Chadstone shopping centre and is being replaced by international retailer TOPSHOP.



“As far as we can tell Myer isn’t closing their entire store at Chadstone; but the sign is up to vacate a whole level of premium retail space at Australia’s number one shopping centre; a space they have held for a long time and TOPSHOP is advertised as their replacement,” said Rob from Gift Of The Month Clubs.

Industry experts have questioned why TOPSHOP thinks they can make the space work and Myer cant; or is it just a matter of international department stores having better managers than Australia’s  oldest department store?

“It’s not something we like to see happening to Australian brands,” said Rob, “and unfortunately reminds us of the recent downfall of Dick Smith stores.”

Myer has lost its way over the last decade or so with declining revenues, a plunging share price and market share lost in Australia to new entrants and international stores entering Australia.

“It’s definitely a worrying sign for Myer, investors and Australian retail.”


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The Problem with Myer’s “No Regets” Return Policy

Myer has introduced a No Regrets return policy in an effort to drive more foot traffic in to their stores over the traditionally slow February and March months after Christmas. But does this increase the possibility of buying something used?

MYER No Regrets Policy

MYER No Regrets Policy

“Our No Regrets Returns Policy is all about making it easier for you to experiment and try something different,” the Myer website says.

But will this increase the possibility of buying something used?

“Well I guess it does,” said Max from Gift Of The Month Clubs, “not that they didn’t always have a return policy, but it wasn’t openly encouraged like this and so it’s probably going to get used a lot more now which increases the risk of buying something that’s already been worn.”

But when Myer was asked if they saw this as a risky move they said:

“I don’t think so as long as people bring back products in saleable conditions … Myers always had a great returns policy it’s nothing different,” he says.


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Coffee and Breakfast Review at The Pantry, Brighton

I recently visited a well known cafe restaurant in Melbourne in the affluent suburb of Brighton, Victoria called the Pantry. I ordered breakfast and a coffee and whilst I enjoyed the experience I walked away with mixed reviews.

Pantry Breakfast

Pantry Breakfast

Kabir scrambled eggs, chilli, garlic, onion, parsley, side of harissa and toasted roti bread $20. Review. 5 stars

History: I have visited the Pantry on Church St, Brighton a number of times and ordered a latte. But on reflection I cannot remember a time when I thought “Wow that’s a great coffee” like I would expect from an establishment like this. I mean, the Pantry on Church St is probably the best known, upmarket cafe restaurant in Brighton, made popular by local residents and celebrities alike, and the food lives up to its reputation. But their coffee doesn’t reach the lofty standards set by their food, location and reputation.

Wind forward to today and I had just finished my breakfast when a man sat on the table next to me. After a while had passed I noticed his coffee looked a lot better than mine and so I asked, “Is that a latte?” He replied “Yes, but it’s a three quarter latte.” “Oh” replied, “That explains the colour.”

The man asked what type of coffee I had ordered, “A latte”, I said, “but it’s not very good.” And told me he had ordered a latte just the other day (at the Pantry – which obviously means he sometimes or regularly orders a latte) but had to ask for another half a shot and was the reason he had decided to order a three quarter latte instead.

We continued our conversation and he told me how the family owner of the Lavazza coffee company (who was in Australia recently) had visited the Pantry (who he said is Lavazza’s largest customer in Australia) and how they had stayed for nearly four hours before flying back home. And I wondered what they thought of the coffee..

So I told the man how I thought the Pantry food was great but the coffee left a lot to be desired – and said that in my opinion their standard latte wasn’t any better than what you could order at any sandwich shop in the suburbs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; it’s just that it doesn’t match the location, food standard or reputation of the place – And so after having a nice conversation we parted ways.

And then it hit me – Lazazza coffee is a commercial coffee brand as opposed to being a small, specialty coffee roaster. Which explains everything. But this isn’t the type of coffee I would expect from a place like the Pantry. And there lies the missing piece to the puzzle. It’s the coffee beans!

Pantry review.
First class food. Economy coffee. Service good.


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Wine Club Reviews

Wine club reviews Australia features a unique Wine Of The Month Club.

Wine Club Reviews

Wine Club Reviews

“We’re the original Wine Of The Month Club in Australia,” says Max from Gift Of The Month Clubs. “And we select a new and premium wine every month to send to our members.”

“Our wine club reviews have been fantastic.”

So if you’re from Australia and want to experience the joy of giving and or receiving a surprise bottle of boutique wine every month head on over to the Wine Of The Month Club.


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Wine Clubs

Searching for the best wine clubs?

“Try the Wine Of The Month Club“, says Sam from Gift Of The Month Clubs. “It’s one of our best monthly clubs.”

“We bought the Wine Of The Month Club to Australia and members  love it!” Said Max, Head wine selector.

Best Wine Clubs

Best Wine Clubs

“It’s one of the best wine clubs in Australia and is the original Wine Of The Month Club!”

Gift Of The Month Clubs

Kogan Gloats Over Australian Icon Demise

Dick Smith recently placed itself in to voluntary administration while Kogan has used it as an opportunity to gloat about his role in the icons downfall.

““On one hand, we love competition — it gets us out of bed in the morning. On the other hand, is proud to have played a significant part in creating more efficiency in the industry and driving down prices for shoppers, which has had a noticeable effect on many large retailers, past and present,” he said.

Kogan is also promoting a “Dont get Dick’d” advertisement on

Rob from Gift Of The Month Clubs said, “I personally bought a brand name Acer laptop (as opposed to buying a cheap home brand) from Dick Smith over Christmas and are sad to see an Australian icon fall”.

Acer laptop

Acer laptop

Dick Smith administrator said..due to the financial circumstances of the Group, outstanding gift vouchers cannot be honoured and deposits cannot be refunded”.

“So I’m also wondering if my Dick Smith (or Acer) warranty is still valid?”

The news is a sad state of affairs for Dick Smith customers, staff, shareholders and Australian retail. So the team at Gift Of The Month Clubs got together to see if we could find a way to help Dick Smith customers who cannot redeem their gift vouchers – And are pleased to announce that for the next month we will give all Dick Smith gift voucher customers a 3 months free shipping voucher (Valued at $21) on all new 6 and 12 month gift memberships.

To redeem: Email support at gift of the month clubs after buying a 6 or 12 month gift membership and we will refund your account $21.

“It’s not a lot – but it’s the most we can do and if everyone did something it would go a long way to helping people who can not  redeem their Dick Smith vouchers.”

Gift Of The Month Clubs



Wine Club Sydney

Did you search for wine club Sydney?

If yes, check out the Wine Of The Month Club at
Gift Of The Month Clubs Australia.

Wine Club Sydney

Wine Club Sydney

It’s an Australia wide and Sydney wine club where members receive a different bottle of boutique wine every month for 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the membership length.

“Our Sydney wine club members love getting a surprize bottle of boutique wine every month delivered to their home or office”, said Max (Head wine selector at the Wine Of The Month Club).


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Chris Gayle Knocked Out for a Duck Comment

Australian sports reporter Melanie McLaughlin has knocked West Indies batsman Chris Gayle out for a Duck when he said..

“Your eyes are beautiful, hopefully we can win this game and then we can have a drink after as well. Don’t blush baby.”

To which Melanie responded “I’m not blushing” with the following look that tells a thousand words…

Melanie McLaughlin

Melanie McLaughlin

“We’re very proud of how you represented yourself, women and Australia Melanie,” said Rob from Gift Of The Month Clubs.

Wine Club Reviews Australia

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If yes, check out the below wine club from Australia with incredible reviews.

Wine Of The Month Club

Wine Club Reviews Australia

Wine Club Reviews Australia

“We’re the original Wine of the month club in Australia and the reviews have been fantastic”, said Max from the Wine Of The Month Club .

The Wine Of The Month Club is a monthly wine club where members receive a different bottle (or two bottles depending on the membership type) from boutique wineries and vineyards around Australia and the world.

“Wine club deliveries are sent every month in the last week of every month and members love the surprise of not knowing the wine type, variety or brand of wine.”

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Last Minute Gifts

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Last Minute Gifts

Last Minute Gifts

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