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Beer Of The Month Club. Watts River Brewing

Hi folks,

Long time between cheers! At least in blog terms.

We continued our never ending search for the best craft beer every month to deliver to our members and it was by chance my parents ran in to one of the Watts River Brewing family at a local bowls club.

So when Mum told me the story I wanted to know more about the two brewers who used to work at the famous White Rabbit brewery in Healesville, Victoria and thought.. these guys must know what they’re doing! I say this because the White Rabbit Dark Ale was one of the first craft beers I had the pleasure of tasting back in the day and was so impressed I started drinking more and more and..anyway back to Watts River Brewing.

Check out the Watts River Micro Brewery in the Yarra Valley on Google maps >

Watts River Brewing call Healesville their home in the Yarra Valley, Victoria - and use the Watts River right next to them as one of their main supplies of brewing water. In other words, it’s a great foundation for producing fresh locally produced Australian craft beer.

“Why did you leave White Rabbit?” I said to Ben (Watts River Brewing Co-founder), “We wanted to brew our own beer without the quality being watered down.” Okay, enough said. But I still love the White Rabbit Dark Ale.

This months Beer of the month selection is the Stout aka Dry Roasty Stout from Watts River Brewing.

Dry Roasty Stout

Dry Roasty Stout

Quote from the Watts River Brewing website.

“A dark, dry, roasty stout built on flavours of coffee and dark chocolate as well as a tiny hint of smoke drifting around in the background. Perfect to savour by yourself or share with an old mate.”

So instead of a roast, I propose a toast to the Watts River Brewing family and say cheers to a job well done. P.s we loved it :)


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Craft Beer, Burger and Chips Revolution

Craft Beer, Burger and Chips

There’s a craft beer, burger and chips revolution going on in Australia and for the sake of research I combined the three for the benefit of our readers. I’m good like that :)

Craft beer. Hawkers Beer was one of our recent micro brewery selections for the Beer Of The Month Club and so I grabbed a Hawkers Pilsner and headed down to Zenn Burgers in Melbourne, Australia.

Zenn Burgers

Zenn Burgers

I don’t remember the name of the burger I ordered but it was a big one and I’m pretty sure I could pick it out of a line up! This is because it had two big juicy beef burgers, lashes of bacon, relish and more and so it was probably called the Zenn Big Burger or something similar. So if you read this Zenn Burgers, please take a look at the below photo and let us know on Facebook what it’s called. Thanks!

Beer, Burger and Chips

Beer, Burger and Chips

It was a truly delicious burger and chips and combined with a Pilsner craft beer from Hawkers Beer it was a match made in heaven.

Cheers, Rob

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“Off The Menu” Rye Ale Selected For The Beer Of The Month Club

Every month we select a new beer for the Beer Of The Month Club

Cracking Open an Artic Fox Rye Ale

Cracking Open an Artic Fox Rye Ale

“We always try to surprise and delight our members with a wide selection of new and hard to find craft beers.” said Rob from Gift Of The Month Clubs“So we searched for and found the “off the menu” Rye Ale beer from the Arctic Fox micro brewery for this months Beer Of The Month Club.”

The Arctic Fox micro brewery has been operating for around a decade and could mainly be found promoting their craft beer at local markets and festivals. But this is a hard way to keep a micro brewery going in terms of sales and investment dollars needed to progress in an ever growing craft beer market so the partners decided to sell. However they encountered a few failed sale attempts with various buyers pulling out but was eventually bought by the Blood Brothers Brewery.

Dave Kepper took over as the manager of the Arctic Fox with years of brewing and liquor retailing experience behind him. “I’ve been managing the Arctic Fox since about 2008 but was involved in brewing and liquor sales for years before that”, said Dave.

Arctic Fox is an independent and authentic micro brewery located in the outer Melbourne suburb of Dandenong and are extremely passionate about making full flavored naturally brewed beer without preservatives. “We’re doing some great things at Arctic Fox and having a lot of fun making sure they’re all award winning standard”, said Dave with a smile while talking about their brewing process for the Rye Ale.

“Our Rye Ale uses up to 30% Rye which is pretty high and the grain gives a bitterness and spice we have to be careful with. Plus it’s got a citras nose and front pallet from sitting on Mandarin and Orange rinds which makes it a refreshing easy beer to drink.”

The Rye Ale isn’t on the Arctic Fox product list which makes it even more special for the Beer Of The Month Club members. “We’re like the television show where the guy finds off the menu specialty meals only the locals know about, except we do it with beer,” said Rob.


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Craft Beer and Cider Sales Changing Australia’s Drinking Habits

Australian craft breweries aka micro breweries are slowly but surely changing Australia’s drinking habits with establishments across the country being forced to install a greater number of tap choices or face being left behind as more and more customers demand a range of craft beer and boutique ciders on top of the traditional beers like VB, Carlton United and XXXX say industry insiders.

Summer of Cider

Summer of Cider

“I went to a sports bar in Melbourne on Saturday to watch a live event and drank a few ciders instead of beer,” said Rob from Gift Of The Month Clubs. “It was pretty hot and thought why not try something different and loved it”.

Hoshizaki Lancer (equipment supplier) have reportedly installed over 1000 new dispensing systems in the previous 12 months to Christmas due to increased demand for a range of premium craft beers and ciders to replace older systems with limited taps.

“In the past 12 to 18 months we’ve been installing larger and larger dispensing systems to meet the demand of our customers. And while some taps are still devoted to the more commercial high volume brands we’ve noticed more and more are being put in for premium craft beers. Plus the cider market is growing and competing for tap space,” said Hoshizaki Lancer.


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Worried About Online Shipping Deadlines for Christmas Gifts? We’ve Got You Covered

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