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Wine Club Reviews Australia

Did you just search for wine club reviews Australia?

If yes, check out the below wine club from Australia with incredible reviews.

Wine Of The Month Club

Wine Club Reviews Australia

Wine Club Reviews Australia

“We’re the original Wine of the month club in Australia and the reviews have been fantastic”, said Max from the Wine Of The Month Club .

The Wine Of The Month Club is a monthly wine club where members receive a different bottle (or two bottles depending on the membership type) from boutique wineries and vineyards around Australia and the world.

“Wine club deliveries are sent every month in the last week of every month and members love the surprise of not knowing the wine type, variety or brand of wine.”

Ideal for corporate gift giving, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and more.

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Gift Of The Month Clubs


Last Minute Gifts

Are you looking for last minute gifts?

Last Minute Gifts

Last Minute Gifts

“We’ve got the best last minute gifts for Birthday gifts, Corporate gifts and more,” says Sam from Gift Of The Month Clubs, “And not just because because they’re amazing gifts – because you can create a free E gift card to send instantly to your gift recipient or to your own email address to print and present and or forward at a later time”.

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It’s the last minute gift that keeps
on giving when other last minute gifts
are gone and forgotten


What Is The Secret To Happiness?

I was reading a blog about happiness and was moved by some of the quotes. And so my gift today is to share. Enjoy..

Smile and be happy

Smile and be happy

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” H.  Jackson Brown, Jr.

“Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.” – Bernard Meltzer

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

So the secret to happiness is there is no secret. We just have to make ourselves aware of it mentally, how we program our minds, embrace happiness and give more than we take because we’re all connected.

Kind regards,
Anne from Gift Of The Month Clubs


Are you looking for a Birthday, Christmas or Corporate gift?
Well look no further – Because now you can give someone
a membership to one of our amazing clubs!
For example; Give a wine drinker a membership to the
Wine Of The Month Club
where members receive a different bottle of boutique wine every month for 3, 6 or 12 months! It’s the gift that keeps on giving
when other gifts are gone and forgotten.
Gift Of The Month Clubs


History of Giving Gifts

Throughout the dawn of time people have given gifts to one another. And gift giving has been universally accepted as a way to show love, appreciation, respect and more and has the unique power of being able to say more than just words alone.

Gifts have often been seen as reciprocal, like for example Christmas gifts, but when it’s a Birthday gift it’s not reciprocal. However, all gift givers receive from giving gifts as talked about in the Law of Giving and Receiving.

However in earlier civilizations members of tribes would give their leaders gifts, without the tradition of giving back, but would see gifts as a way to strengthen relationships for potential favour. And the tradition continues as commonly seen between country and business leaders for the purpose of creating good will between parties with shared interests.

“A gift will create happiness between a gift giver and gift recipient, regardless of who is giving and who is receiving”, says Samantha from Gift Of The Month Clubs.

In Christianity the Bible talks about the Three Wise Men who followed a bright star from the East to Bethlehem where Jesus Christ was born. And the Three Wise Men are said to have bought gifts for baby Jesus with the tradition continuing today at Christenings to bless babies for life ahead. Mary Magdalene was also recorded as washing baby Jesus feet with precious oil as a gift. And this was the start of Christmas gifts and Christening gifts as we know today.

However the Christian roots of gift giving are not exclusive to Christianity with early records showing the act of gift giving tracing back to non-Christian religious observances in the Yule of Northern Europe and pagan holidays recorded in Rome, where the ancient Romans were practising gift giving during the festival of Saturn where slaves and masters would mockingly exchange places with one another and at the end of the celebration exchange gifts in the form of pottery figures. And many believe this was the start of gifts being adapated in to Christian celebrations. However it is said the Catholic Church around the year 1000 decided to ban gift giving claiming the idea was too pagan.

In Australia we celebrate all types of occasions with gifts including someone’s birthday, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Weddings, Easter, Christmas, corporate gifts and more. And there’s no better feeling than giving someone a gift, let alone receiving one.

Looking for a gift? Give the gift that keeps on giving..
Gift Of The Month Clubs

Gift Of The Month Clubs Features on Youtube Channel

A new online video ad start up called Tuber ADS has created an online video advertorial for Gift Of The Month Clubs.

It qualifies the viewer first by asking if they’re “looking for a gift? And goes on to talk about giving someone a membership to one of our amazing clubs! And why wouldn’t you with some of the best gift ideas in Australia! Ideal for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, corporate gifts and more. And includes the Gift Of The Month Clubs slogan “the gift that keeps on giving”.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments:
Gift Of The Month Clubs



Gift Of The Month Clubs Ranks Number One

When you Google exact match industry search terms for gift of the month clubs you’ll more often than not find the founder of Gift Of The Month Clubs in Australia ranked number one.

For example, try searching for the following terms at Google and let us know the results in the below comments field or on the Gift Of The Month Clubs Facebook page:

Google Rank #1 Gift Of The Month Clubs

Google Rank #1 Gift Of The Month

Google Rank #1 Gift Clubs

“Thanks Google for recognizing the teams hard work and commitment to providing the best gift service in Australia for birthday gifts, corporate gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts and more ,” said Sam from Gift Of The Month Clubs.


Bing Ranks Cider Of The Month Club Number One

Bing Ranks Cider Of The Month Club Number One

Cider Of The Month Club

Bing search engine has ranked Cider Of The Month Club number one.

The Cider Of The Month Club is part of the Gift Of The Month Clubs group of gift clubs. It is a new type of gift service  in Australia originally made popular in the United States for corporate gifts and spread to birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Fathers Day gifts and more.

“Cider, wine, beer and other gift of the month clubs are a great way to give something different”, says Alison from Gift Of The Month Clubs.

Thanks Bing!