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Have You Tried a Boc Beer?

Boc beer is a rich, complex and malty style of lager.

“But dont think all Dark Boc beers are the same,” says Nathan aka manager at Buckleys Beer, “because there are many varieties which can be different in taste but never boring.”

Buckleys Dark Boc Beer
Buckleys Dark Boc Beer

Monasteries were known for brewing stronger beers for sustenance during their Lenten fasts which is the reason many Boc beer experts say Boc beer originated from this. However others say Boc beer is a Pagan or old world influence at a time when it was only brewed during the sign of the Capricorn goat (the reason why goat symbols are often associated with Boc beer) and was seen as a  symbol of hope and better times to come when nearing the end of winter.

In brewing terms a Boc beer generally takes months of lagering in cold storage to smooth out the strong ingredients. And is generally brewed with stronger ingredients than the majority of lagers with a distinctive dark amber to brown hue robust malt flavour. In addition Boc beer is only lightly hopped in the brewing process to avoid over balancing a hoppy bitterness with the desired malt flavour.

Boc Beer

Boc Beer

All in all we really enjoyed the Buckleys Dark Boc selected for the Beer Of The Month Club and look forward to trying more.

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