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Wine Of The Month Club Adds Value

The Wine Of The Month Club Australia has lowered prices and increased the average recommended retail price range per bottle of wine members receive.

McGuigan Wines

McGuigan Wines

First change:
“We’ve finally been able to drop Australia Posts shipping charges from $9.95 per month to a low $6.95,” said Anne from Gift Of The Month Clubs.

Second change:
The Wine Of The Month Club frequently asked questions page previously stated the average recommended retail price range per bottle of wine members could expect to receive was between $15 and $25. But things have changed since the first wine club of its kind started in 2013.

We have been able to increase the average recommended retail price  (per bottle of wine members receive) from $15 to $25 to $25 to $35.said Anne.

So for a monthly membership cost of $29.95 per month plus postage and handling the Wine Of The Month Club offers gift givers, gift recipients and corporate gift members a terrific deal.

“We’re buying more wine than when we started so we can negotiate better deals with vineyards and suppliers and pass the value on to members”, said Max, Head Wine Selector - Wine Of The Month Club.



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Wine Of The Month

Winter has arrived in Australia and the weather has turned cold in Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart; with Brisbane, Perth and even Adelaide and Canberra still enjoying some warmer days. So we thought it was time to find a nice winter red wine to match the temperature around the country for this months Wine Of The Month Club.

2013 Cellar Exclusive Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon

2013 Cellar Exclusive Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon

We started looking at a number of wines and decided to narrow our search to a particular region. So Max said, “Why don’t we try the Margaret River in Western Australia? They’ve got around 150 wineries and make fantastic reds.”

The Margaret River has earned a well deserved reputation as one of the most famous wine growing regions in the world; built on what many believe are perfect conditions for premium wine making. For example there’s lots of Chardonnay award winners, Semillon Blancs, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, blends and more to choose from.

So when Max talks we listen. And not just because he’s the oldest, or as some would suggest has drank the most but because he usually knows what one needs to know about wine. And so we narrowed our search to Margaret River red wines and blends famous for their dense and fruit flavours, multi layered complexities and cellaring quality and selected Capel Vale wines, one of Margaret Rivers oldest wine makers.

Capel Vale Western Australia

Capel Vale Western Australia

Capel Vale has earned its reputation as a pioneer in the Western Australian wine industry after being one of the first to plant vines in 1974. And in 1979 built their first wine making facility and produced their first vintage in 1980.

Capel Vale has remained a family owned and operated wine business and in 2007 Peter and Elizabeth Pratten passed the Chief Executive Office role to Simon Pratten. However both Peter and Elizabeth are reported to be still active in the business aka ”wine making lifestyle” from vineyard to bottle.

So what did we select for this months Wine Of The Month from Capel Vale wines?
Drum role..The Capel Vale 2013 Cellar Exclusive Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon. RRP $32.95 on the Capel Vale website.

For more information about Capel Vale wine and this months Wine Of The Month selection go to the Capel Vale website.

 Looking for a gift?
Give someone a membership to the
Wine Of The Month Club
where members receive a different bottle
of wine month for 3, 6 or 12 months


Can You Pronounce Moet?

But first, who can remember Kim from the Kath and Kim show ordering a car-de-nay? It was pretty funny! But unfortunately rings true and even regular wine drinkers may not know the correct way to pronounce the below wines when ordering at restaurants.

Trump Wine List

Trump Wine List

So we decided to post the following wine pronounciation guide for casual wine drinkers wanting to learn some basics about the correct way to pronounce their favourite and most popular wine varieties. Note: Some of the below pronounciations may vary depending on international interpretations. Eg, Merlot in Australia is pronounced mer-loh but in France is pronounced mare-loh.

Ok here we go and you can test yourself by awarding one point for every corrent pronounciation. Maximum points, 17.

Pronounced broot

Cabernet Sauvignon
Pronounced cab-er-nay-saw-vee-nyon

Pronounced shar-doh-nay

Pronounced key-AHN-tee

Pronounced er-mee-tahj

Pronounced mer-loh

Pronounced moh-ett

Pinot Blanc
Pronounced pee-noh-blahnk

Pinot Grigio
Pronounced pee-noh-GREE-joe

Pinot Gris
Pronounced pee-noh-gree

Pinot Noir
Pronounced pee-noh-nwahr

Pronounced REESE-ling

Pronounced san-joe-VAE-sae

Sauvignon Blanc
Pronounced saw-vee-nyon-blahnk

Pronounced seh-mee-yohn

Pronounced spoo-MAHN-tay

Pronounced vee-oh-nyay

How did you go? Well if you’re like most of us you probably didn’t get 100% of the above wine names correct; but that’s okay  especially in Australia where we’re a bit more relaxed than perhaps the French would be.

TIP: if you find yourself stuck in a restaurant trying to figure out how to pronounce the name of a wine in front of people you would prefer not too; simply excuse yourself from the table, ask a waiter and return to the table with new found cofindence.


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Eight Popular Types of Red Wine

Penfolds wine

Penfolds wine

Shiraz or Syrah
Shiraz or as European vintners call it “Syrah” are two names used for the same variety of red wine.

Shiraz pairs wonderfully with various types of meat including steak, beef and winter stews.

Shiraz wine growing areas excel in Australia, California and Frances Rhone Valley.

Shiraz typically tastes like wild black fruit with overtones of black pepper spice and roasting meat with toffee notes if the wine was rested in oak barrels.

Shiraz is also known for providing a hearty and spicy red wine experience and can produce some of the worlds best and darkest red wines with amazing flavour.

Shiraz is a popular Wine Of The Month selection for the Wine Of The Month Club in Australia with different varities of Shiraz selected from boutique wineries across the world.

Merlot is pronounced Mare-lo and is known an easy to drink red wine. Which makes it a good choice for introducing red wine to new wine drinkers.

Merlot will pretty much pair with any food choice.

Successful Merlot wine growing areas range from the Bordeaux region in France, Italy, Romania, Chile, Australia, California and more. And is the fourth most grown grap variety in terms of coverage across the globe after sultanine blanche, airen blanc, and grenache noir.

A typical Merlot wine includes black cherry and plum flavours and smells with herbal flavours mixed.

Merlot is less tannic and less rough than Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet Sauvignon
In France Cabernet Sauvignon is prononounced Ca-burr-nay so-veen-yaw and is known as one of the worlds most popular red wine varieties.

A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon is best served with simply prepared red meat and of course stews. Nuts can be a good compliment as well.

Cabernet Sauvignon is generally planted wherever red wine grapes grow and is responsible for producing some of the best red wine made in Australia, France, Italy and Chile.

It is a full bodied red wine in taste but firm and gripping when only young.

But with age a Cabernet Sauvignon will mature and the famous attributes of the wine will mellow and smooth to produce a fine red wine experience. But when a Cabernet Sauvignon is young it may over power some foods it is supposed to compliment.

Older before younger is a term to remember when selecting a Cabernet Sauvignon.


In France this type of red wine is pronounced Mal-bek.

It typically pairs well with all types of meat dishes and pairs particulary well with spicy food traditionally made in Indian and Mexican cooking.

Malbek’s origins are from the Bordeaux region of France.

It is also known for being grown and produced in Argentina and has become Argentinas most popular red wine amongst locals. It can also be found in Australia, Chile and cooler parts of California.

Malbec’s taste will vary considerably depending on where it was grown and how it was made. But in saying this it’s usually an easy drinking red wine variety tasting of plums, berries and spice.

Malbec is also blended with other wine varieties including cabernet sauvignon, merlot and more for producing Bordeaux styled wines.

Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir is pronounced Pee-know na-wahr and is often referred to as one of the noblest red wine grapes. Plus it’s difficult to grow and produce and is rarely blended with other wines.

However Pinot Noir pairs well with grilled Salmon, chicken and lamb dishes as well as sushi.

Some of the more successful Pinot Noir districts include Bourgogne in France, Austria and New Zealand.

And whilst Pinot Noir is a red wine it is quite unlike a Cabernet Sauvignon in that it is soft and has a delicate freshness taste and is known for its cherry, plum and strawberry flavours. But it is difficult to define the Pinot Noir taste because what is produced by one wine growing region is often quite different to another.

Pronounced Zin-fan-dell.

Zinfandel is one of the worlds most versatile grapes for wine making and are used for a range of white wine and red wine varieties.

Zinfandel is only grown in California and pairs with a range of foods and has a zesty and pepper type berry flavour.

Pronounced San-gee-oh-ve-zee pairs wonderfully with Italian and other Mediterranean type dishes.

Sangiovese grapes produce the Chiantis from Italy’s Tuscany region and more recently a number of good red wines from California.

Sangiovese typically provides drinkers with a medium body taste of berry and plum fruit flavours.

Pronounced Bar-bear-a.

Barbera is similar to Merlot but not nearly as popular and matches well with a range of dishes including red sauce dishes typically found in Italy and Mediterranean cuisines.

The typical Barbera taste is one of black cherry and plum combined with a silky texture and wonderful acidity.

So there you have it. Eight red wine varieties to learn about and try. Enjoy!

Looking for a gift?
Give someone a membership to the Wine Of The Month Club where members receive a different bottle of wine every month from boutique wineries around Australia and the world.

Penfolds Selected for The Wine Of The Month Club

Penfolds is a famous Australian wine producer that was founded in Adelaide in 1844 by Christopher Rawson Penfold, who had migrated to Australia from England with his wife Mary Penfold.

Penfolds wine

Penfolds wine

Many of Australia’s wines have become known internationally, but with only a relatively short 200 year history are quite new compared with world wine making history dating back 7000 years across Europe, China and the Middle East. However there is no clear birthplace for winemaking recorded and is as much legend as fact in the ancient world.

In Australia, Penfolds is famous in Australia and across the world for their Grange wine along with a small selection of Penfolds wines ranging from a Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz Cabernet red wine varieties to a Chardonnay white wine.

The Penfolds winery started just eight years after the foundation of South Australia and has played a prominent role in Australian winemaking. And is another great Australian success story.

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Wine Of The Month is Off

“Cancel the Wine order”

We started writing the blog for the June wine of the month club (see below),  but when we tasted the wine ordered for our members we decided to return it. Why? Well simply put, it was off! And whilst it would have been easier and cost a lot less to send it out regardless of the quality, we wouldn’t drink and so we dont want to send it to our members and gift recipients either! So we made a new order and replaced the below Aldgate Ridge Pinot Noir with a clean skin Cabernet Sauvignon (RRP $24.95 bottle from an award winning winery) we enjoyed drinking.

Below is the first draft of the June wine blog before we changed the wine.

The Aldgate Ridge winery in Adelaide Hills South Australia started as a small family owned vineyard in 1998 and whilst achieving success on various levels has made the decision to close their cellar doors.

Jill and Chris Whisson (Aldgate Ridge proprietors) ran their vineyard for more than 22 years specialising in 3 varieties of grapes producing the following wines.

Aldgate Ridge Pinot Noir

Aldgate Ridge Pinot Noir Rose

Aldgate Ridge Sauvignon Blanc

Aldgate Ridge Sparkling Pinot Noir

Aldgate Ridge Sparkling Pinot Noir / Chardonnay

Aldgate Ridge vineyard

Aldgate Ridge vineyard

The Aldgate Ridge wines were produced, aged and sold locally to restaurants, outlets, by mail order and direct through the vineyards cellar door.

So we decided to feature the Aldgate Ridge Pinot Noir for this months Wine Of The Month Club in memory of the vineyard. RRP $408 for a dozen bottles from a well known wine website.

We’re sorry to see the Aldgate Ridge winery close and we’ll say a toast in  memory.