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Did Gary Lyon Catch First World Problems?

Gary Lyon started his media career during his football days when he reportedly approached a local newspaper and offered to write stories for them free of charge. And today, well yesterday a couple of weeks ago he had risen to the top of the football media world! That is until a story broke in the Herald Sun by Mark Robinson that Gary Lyon had slept with one of his best mates (and co star of the Footy Show) Billy Brownless wife.

A picture can tell a thousand words

A picture can tell a thousand words

But guess what happened next? Gary’s management and Channel nine announced Gary was suffering from depression and we were all supposed to say poor Gary and forgive him. An act that may be forgiven, but never forgotten – because how could you trust a bloke who would do such a thing let alone respect his old school team mate type commentary style again.

Actually now I’m starting to feel sorry for Gary. Poor Gary. I mean, he might just end up moving interstate so he can walk the streets like a non celebrity does, invest in businesses or property development and live a less public multi millionaire’s life.