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Best Wine Club

Are you searching for the best wine club in Australia?

Try the Wine Of The Month Club where members receive a different bottle of boutique wine (or two bottles of wine in the Double Up club) every month for three, six or twelve months!

Best Wine Club

Best Wine Club

Best Wine Club

The Wine Of The Month Club was originally started overseas and is now in Australia thanks to Gift Of The Month Clubs.

“The Wine Of The Month Club started as a unique corporate gift to reward and thank people and quickly evolved in other clubs. Some of the best clubs in Australia include the Wine Of The Month Club, Wine Double Up Club and more,” said Peter from Gift Of The Month Clubs.


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Wine Of The Month Club


EOFY Beer Of The Month

It’s the end of the financial year in Australia with winter under way so we went searching for a beer that would suit the climate so to speak.

The Beer Of The Month Club team met at one of our warehouse locations to start the process of selecting our next beer of the month! And to do this we usually start by discussing what everyone’s latest favourite beer is, for example Pale Ale, Lager, Pilsner and other craft beers.

Craft Beers

Craft Beers

So Max said, “Hey that’s been one of my favourite beers of late; but for winter why dont we find a nice dark beer instead?” Followed by a moment of silence until Matthew said, “Yeah but I’ll be in Europe and its going to be summer.” And so another moment of silence followed after Matthew had mentioned Europe again after including it in his last 100 sentences (but between us we’re secretly jealous, but don’t tell Matthew!) then Rob said, “Okay, I’ve been looking at some micro breweries and Buckley’s brewery sounds interesting. Why don’t we contact the head brewer and set up a good old fashioned beer tasting?” Heads nodded in agreement.

Buckleys Beer Healesville

Buckleys Beer Healesville

The Buckleys Micro Brewery started in 2001 and is one of the early pioneers of craft beer in Melbourne, Australia. But amazingly it’s not very well known outside of the inner craft beer scene which makes it another hard to find beer for our Beer Of The Month Club members. Not that we’re boasting or anything, well maybe a bit.

So where were we? Oh that’s right, Buckleys Brewery. Buckleys beer was named after the infamous convict William Buckley who had  escaped prison and set up camp with the Wathaurung Tribe in the Bellarine Peninsula of Port Phillip Bay between 1803 to 1835, which later started the Australian saying, “You’ve got Buckley’s chance”.  And so Buckleys Brewery  thought they would create their own saying that goes something like the following..

“Once you’ve tried the traditionally brewed Buckleys beer, non-filtered, full-flavoured ales and lagers you’ll come to the realisation it’s “Buckley’s, or none!”

Buckleys Craft Beer Brewing Tanks

Buckleys Craft Beer Brewing Tanks

So we had the enviable task of tasting Buckley’s range of craft beers, presented below by Buckleys Beer Manager Heath, and in keeping with our mission selected the Buckley’s Dark Boc for this months Beer Of The Month Club.

Heath From Buckleys Beer

Heath From Buckleys Beer

So what do you think about this months Beer Of The Month?
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Gift Of The Month Clubs
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The Good Food And Wine Show

The Good Food and Wine Show starts on June 5 in Melbourne and continues until June 8. It is the first event for the Good Food and Wine Show’s national tour which extends to Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

Good Food & Wine Show

Good Food & Wine Show

Events include world renowned chefs Ainslee Harriott, Miguel Maestre, tv chef Alastair Mcleod and more presenting amazing food and wine creations along with cooking demonstrations and industry information with hundreds of boutique exhibitors showcasing amazing gourmet food, boutique wines, craft beer and more.

The first event will be held at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Centre Place, South Melbourne, Victoria. And for further information head on over to the Food and Wine Show website.

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Corporate Gifts for Christmas Gone Wrong

It’s that time of year again when you’re searching for the best corporate gifts for Christmas; but are there any risks I should consider?

Hot Air Balloon Fire

Hot Air Balloon Fire


Experience gifts have become a popular corporate gift in Australia, but may look a lot better on paper than in reality.

For example,

Experience gifts for men

Let’s take Hot Air Ballooning as a popular corporate gift example. And on paper it sounds like a great experience for everyone while you’re gift recipient is up in the sky flying over the land and thinking about the wonderful gift you gave them. But what if something happens? Like for example the weather changes (and in Melbourne, Australia its famous for changing every 15 minutes) and your forced to land in a suburban car park? But don’t worry, the good news is in the most recent case of this happening they didn’t hit any telephone wires!? Read about it here

But a lot of people like the type of gift that gets the heart racing and trying new experiences etc – but since we’re talking about corporate gifts that can effect your career we wont be recommending it.

Experience gifts for women

Lets say you’re thinking about giving a woman a hair & beauty gift voucher for Christmas. Well before you do, stop and ask yourself the following questions, 1. Have I visited the salon previously and know what it looks like (apart from the glossy pictures on the website)? Because the third party website promoting the deal probably hasn’t. 2. Who’s in charge of cutting, coloring and blow drying my gift recipients hair? Is it the owner, head stylist or an apprentice in charge of voucher deals? And 3. What do I really know about hair & beauty treatments? Because it’s literally a minefield you’re stepping in to and one we recommend avoiding for corporate gifts for Christmas.

TIP: The first rule of corporate gifts for Christmas is..
1. Don’t take risks!
And you can probably guess what the second and third rules are with a little thing like your career or business at stake if something goes wrong.


We’ve all been taught it’s the thought that counts, right?

Which is true but if you’re thinking like this in relation to corporate gifts for Christmas you’re probably a very nice person but incredibly naïve! Because no-one will appreciate a home made cake under these circumstances compared with a professionally made cake delivered; or a bunch of flowers picked from your garden instead of arranging a professionally designed bunch of flowers delivered from a florist. Dont you agree?

TIP: Don’t get too creative and artsy etc with corporate gifts for Christmas (or any other time of the year) no matter how good your intentions are because the potential downside far outweighs the upside compared with giving a more traditional type of corporate gift.

3. Clothing, Shoes, Lingerie, Perfume

These items are just too personal for corporate gifts, dont you agree? Of course! Unless there’s something going on of course we dont know about or its an individual situation which might be okay. But in general these types of gifts are risky are we recommend steering clear of them.

TIP: Stick to gifts with proven success in corporate settings. And if you want to give something a bit different look for traditional type gifts with a twist.


Looking for unique corporate gifts for Christmas?
Try the Beer Of The Month Club, Wine Of The Month Club, Flower Of The Month Club and more! It’s the gift that keeps on giving


Can You Pronounce Moet?

But first, who can remember Kim from the Kath and Kim show ordering a car-de-nay? It was pretty funny! But unfortunately rings true and even regular wine drinkers may not know the correct way to pronounce the below wines when ordering at restaurants.

Trump Wine List

Trump Wine List

So we decided to post the following wine pronounciation guide for casual wine drinkers wanting to learn some basics about the correct way to pronounce their favourite and most popular wine varieties. Note: Some of the below pronounciations may vary depending on international interpretations. Eg, Merlot in Australia is pronounced mer-loh but in France is pronounced mare-loh.

Ok here we go and you can test yourself by awarding one point for every corrent pronounciation. Maximum points, 17.

Pronounced broot

Cabernet Sauvignon
Pronounced cab-er-nay-saw-vee-nyon

Pronounced shar-doh-nay

Pronounced key-AHN-tee

Pronounced er-mee-tahj

Pronounced mer-loh

Pronounced moh-ett

Pinot Blanc
Pronounced pee-noh-blahnk

Pinot Grigio
Pronounced pee-noh-GREE-joe

Pinot Gris
Pronounced pee-noh-gree

Pinot Noir
Pronounced pee-noh-nwahr

Pronounced REESE-ling

Pronounced san-joe-VAE-sae

Sauvignon Blanc
Pronounced saw-vee-nyon-blahnk

Pronounced seh-mee-yohn

Pronounced spoo-MAHN-tay

Pronounced vee-oh-nyay

How did you go? Well if you’re like most of us you probably didn’t get 100% of the above wine names correct; but that’s okay  especially in Australia where we’re a bit more relaxed than perhaps the French would be.

TIP: if you find yourself stuck in a restaurant trying to figure out how to pronounce the name of a wine in front of people you would prefer not too; simply excuse yourself from the table, ask a waiter and return to the table with new found cofindence.


Looking for a unique Christmas gift?
Give someone a membership to the Wine Of The Month Club
where members receive a different bottle of boutique wine from vineyards around Australia and the world. It’s the gift that keeps on giving when other gifts are gone and forgotten.