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Valentines Day News – Big Spenders in Australia

Australian men aren’t exactly known for being the most romantic in the world. But according to IBIS World Australian will splash out approximately $791 million this Valentines Day representing an overall increase of 1.4 percent from the previous year.

Flower Of The Month Club

Flower Of The Month Club

“This averages out to approximately $86 per person spent on Valentines Day per person with luxury gifts bringing the overall average up considering lots of people only buy a card or something pretty simple,” said Sam from Gift Of The Month Clubs . “Not that there’s anything wrong with that! As long as both partners are happy,” said Sam.

Travel was the biggest seller over last years Valentines Day with $441.6 million spent; followed by Chocolates & Confectionary $97.8 million and Flowers $90.2 million.

Valentines Day is an important part of the year for florists in Australia because it represents approximately 10% of yearly sales. And the report predicts bigger spending on more expensive premium flower arrangements which will help improve overall sales volume for florists by another 3.4 percent compared to the previous year.


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