Wine Of The Month is Off

“Cancel the Wine order”

We started writing the blog for the June wine of the month club (see below),  but when we tasted the wine ordered for our members we decided to return it. Why? Well simply put, it was off! And whilst it would have been easier and cost a lot less to send it out regardless of the quality, we wouldn’t drink and so we dont want to send it to our members and gift recipients either! So we made a new order and replaced the below Aldgate Ridge Pinot Noir with a clean skin Cabernet Sauvignon (RRP $24.95 bottle from an award winning winery) we enjoyed drinking.

Below is the first draft of the June wine blog before we changed the wine.

The Aldgate Ridge winery in Adelaide Hills South Australia started as a small family owned vineyard in 1998 and whilst achieving success on various levels has made the decision to close their cellar doors.

Jill and Chris Whisson (Aldgate Ridge proprietors) ran their vineyard for more than 22 years specialising in 3 varieties of grapes producing the following wines.

Aldgate Ridge Pinot Noir

Aldgate Ridge Pinot Noir Rose

Aldgate Ridge Sauvignon Blanc

Aldgate Ridge Sparkling Pinot Noir

Aldgate Ridge Sparkling Pinot Noir / Chardonnay

Aldgate Ridge vineyard

Aldgate Ridge vineyard

The Aldgate Ridge wines were produced, aged and sold locally to restaurants, outlets, by mail order and direct through the vineyards cellar door.

So we decided to feature the Aldgate Ridge Pinot Noir for this months Wine Of The Month Club in memory of the vineyard. RRP $408 for a dozen bottles from a well known wine website.

We’re sorry to see the Aldgate Ridge winery close and we’ll say a toast in  memory.


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