How it Started

I developed Gift Of The Month Clubs after finishing a project management role with Catch Of The Day and began the process by first thinking about what worked and didn't work over the years since my first web development in 1998. I thought about the 1000 plus agreements I personally made with businesses using a win win philosophy, and set out to find a way forward that would match this and embrace "The Law of Giving and Receiving" as written in the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (Deepak Chopra). And when I came across a website in the US promoting "the gift that keeps on giving" I wanted to know more..

I continued to research the concept and found a few subscription clubs in Australia, eg a dog food subscription club, but couldn't find anywhere offering a range of clubs for gifts. So I thought, why don’t I bring Gift of the month clubs to Australia and provide a range of different clubs on one central website for gifts? Examples include the Movie Of The Month Club, Flower Of The Month Club, Wine Of The Month Club and more. Plus no-one had registered a bunch of domain names like or even and it was 2012-2013! So I registered as many as possible including the category domains for the space in Australia (, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.

But that was just the start, the foundation so to speak - then came the questions, the deal breakers that went something like..

1. Would I buy it as a gift for someone?

Well it would depend on the relationship, occasion, type of club and price - and thought, lets go through my family first - For example, if it was Dads birthday or Fathers Day or Christmas, a membership to the Beer Of The Month Club or Cider Of The Month Club would go down a treat, and I could always "show him how to use it" - or as a keen golfer I know he would love a membership to the Golf Ball Of The Month Club compared to getting another golf shirt, that's for sure and maybe just maybe he'll stop complaining when I borrow balls (or maybe he could buy me a membership to the Golf Ball Of The Month Club instead?). And when Dad used to work for an insurance company a membership to the Tie Of The Month Club would have been perfect. Or if it was my partner Alison's Birthday, Valentines Day, Anniversary or Christmas time I couldn't go wrong with a membership to the Perfume Of The Month Club or Rose Of The Month Club. And when Mum and Dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, a membership to the Champagne Of The Month Club would have been an incredible way to celebrate their golden anniversary. I mean, can you imagine sending a different bottle of French Champagne every month to someone during a special anniversary year? Priceless! And you only live once.

So the answer is - Yes I would buy someone a gift of the month club depending on the relationship, occasion, type of club and price.

2. Would I like to be given a Gift Of The Month Club?

Yes. Plus I play golf and when I'm not borrowing balls I have to buy them, so a membership to the Golf Ball Of The Month Club would be a great gift. Plus I enjoy trying different types of beer, cider and wine and regularly go to the movies - so a membership to any of the above or the Movie Of The Month Club would go down a treat, hint hint. Or if I had a coffee machine, a membership to the Coffee Of The Month Club would be a terrific way to try different coffee beans from around the world - and I'm sure Alison wouldn't say no to the Cereal Of The Month Club where members receive a different pack of gourmet cereal every month. Why? Because cereal people love their cereal!

3. Would people want a luxury gift service like Gift Of The Month Clubs?

Gift Of The Month Clubs were originally made popular in the US for corporate gift giving and evolved in to other markets - And when I saw this I thought, why wouldn't Australia want something just as good or better if it was tailored to the Australian market? And set about developing a luxury gift service people would be excited to receive and give.


The answer is yes I would buy a gift of the month club for someone and like most people would love to receive one as a gift! So I jumped in head first, put a team together and developed the business from the ground up. But was it the right decision? Well It's up to Australia now and I sincerely hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as we do.

Cheers and have a great day!

Robert McIntosh (founder and CEO)

The Law of Giving and Receiving


We're bringing Gift Of The Month Clubs to Australia!

Find unique gift ideas for Birthday gifts, Corporate gifts, Engagement gifts, Wedding gifts, Anniversary gifts, Thankyou gifts, Gifts for her, Gifts for him, Baby gifts, Gifts for friends, family and every other type of celebration! Join for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months and we'll send you're gift with a personal message every month. And what better way to start than with a Champagne Of The Month Club! It's the gift that keeps on giving..

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We're bringing Gift Of The Month Clubs to Australia!