Where bringing Gift Of The Month Clubs to Australia!

Our mission is to promote the law of giving and receiving as written in the Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success - And to contribute to the abundance of the universe circulating in peoples lives.

And there's lots of stories to talk about. For example, did you know our founder and CEO Robert McIntosh has owned and operated web businesses since 1998? That's a long time in internet years! From the online hotels booking space to real estate, cars, coupons and more.

But how did Robert's journey evolve to bringing Gift Of The Month Clubs to Australia? Well thanks to Hezi Leibovich (founder of Catch Of The Day) Robert sold to the Catch group (after developing it from the ground up to 600 participating businesses) and decided to approach Hezi with a new idea - And the short story is after the longest walking meetings in the history of walking meetings a deal was made - But when Hezi and Gabby (Hezi's co bros founder) decided to close their start up division the project was cancelled as collateral damage. As a direct result Robert started searching for a new opportunity and set out to find something that would match the same win win philosophy that saw him make over a 1000 individual deals with businesses over the years and Gift Of The Month Clubs was born.

So if you're after a story or comment, there's not many people in Australia more qualified than Robert (even if we say so ourselves) to talk about the early days of the internet, dot com bubble, domain names, ecommerce, the next decade of things to come, entrepreneurs and start ups.





Former Catch of the Day project manager launches start-up to tackle dog-eat-dog culture

"Fresh from serving as a project manager in the start-up division of online retail group Catch of the Day, Robert McIntosh has this week launched a start-up to deliver monthly gifts, such as flowers, coffee or beer, to people."




Former Catch of the Day manager makes a gifted start as an entrepreneur

“This is a decade-old business model originally made popular in the US. It was originally introduced for corporate gift-giving and its popularity evolved into other markets.”




Gift Of The Month Clubs:
The Domains that Keep Giving

“Robert McIntosh is a serial entrepreneur who considers himself an ‘online property developer’. His latest venture, Gift Of The Month Clubs has just launched.”

We're bringing Gift Of The Month Clubs to Australia!

Find unique gift ideas for Birthday gifts, Corporate gifts, Engagement gifts, Wedding gifts, Anniversary gifts, Thankyou gifts, Gifts for her, Gifts for him, Baby gifts, Gifts for friends, family and every other type of celebration! Join for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months and we'll send you're gift with a personal message every month. And what better way to start than with a Champagne Of The Month Club! It's the gift that keeps on giving..

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We're bringing Gift Of The Month Clubs to Australia!